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Sonare TR9 - BYS Blackburn USA STERLING SILVER leadpipe

  • Sonare TR9 - BYS 

    serial 080137


    Body is made in Germany, sterling silver leadpipe is custom made in the US by Cliff Blackburn

    Egzemplarz w rynku USA


    Sonare partners with world famous leadpipe designer, Cliff Balckburn, to bring a trumpet with colour, flexibility and projection. The exclusive Sonare Microlok valve system revolutionises valve alignment, all resulting in a free-blowing instrument appropriate for classical and jazz with impecable intonation and response. The MicroLok valve system was co-invented by Cliff Blackburn and Steven Wasser and is used in all Sonare trumpets. During the production process, a custom-made tool sets the piston into its perfect radial and vertical alignment position. As set screw is then tightened to lock the adjustable valve guide and secure the Monel piston into place. While this adjustment is permanent, MicroLok allows the alignment to be reset at any time by a trained technician, without soldering. Valves can be cleaned and oiled without disturbing the alignment. Cryogenic treatment also comes as standard, an after-market service often sought by professional players. The deep-freeze treatment relieves stress in the metal that normally occurs during the making of a trumpet. The player benefits from a broader spectrum of colors and enhanced response, especially in the high register. Features Hand hammered bell Sterling Silver Leadpipe Silver plate finish Microlok valve system Cryogenic treatment Bell diameter: 12.15cm (4.782") Bore size: 1.17cm (0.459")


    Stan techniczny: tłoki i krągliki pracują płynnie i lekko, bardzo dobra kompresja

    Stan wizualny: bez zagięć, bez ubić, powłoka srebra: kompletna w około 99,9%, ślad po prostowaniu na czarze 

    Wykończenie: instrument posrebrzany, oryginalna powłoka srebra

    Dodatkowe informacje: instrument po serwisie, wyczyszczony ultradźwiękami, futerał, ustnik statyw, tłumik wah wah Arnold & Sons



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    4 900,00 PLN

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