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Rare J. Placht & Son St. Louis MO trumpet C key

  • J. Placht & Son St. Louis MO trumpet

    C trumpet with extra Bb tuning slide extension  

    mouthpiece receiver is marked: Made in Czechoslovakia


    Anton Joseph Placht was born in 1867 in Germany to luthier Joseph Placht (b.1840, d. 1896) and his wife Francisca. He was the third of seven children.

    J. Placht & Son

    J. Placht & Son was established by Joseph Placht and sold a variety of band instruments with a smaller line of stringed instruments. It is unclear if Joseph Placht continued to build instruments after moving to the United States. 

    • Shop Located at 113 South Broadway
    • 1896 - Owner and father Joseph Placht passes away
    • 1898 - Currently employed: Frances and Joseph Jr
    • 1908 - Changed names to J. Placht & Bro
    • 1916 - Shop moved to 613 Pine Street 
    • 1925 - Opened a branch store at 6311 Delmar Blvd
      • Advertised York band instruments and Washburn stringed instruments
      • Lyon and Healy commended the store's billboard for the Washburn line of instruments as the first "out-of-door" sign for their lines 

    Tony J. Placht

    Anton Placht Americanized his name to Anthony and began going by Tony as early as 1897. He lived at 1703 Cora Avenue. He married native Missourian Emelia (or Emillie) Placht (nee Dieckmann). They had two children, Margariete (b. 1900, d.?) and LeRoy Anthony (b. 1905, d. 1970)

    • 1897 - Shop opened (approx) at 1002 Olive Street
      • Carried Washburn instruments and sheet music
      • Had been in business with his father for a number of years prior
    • 1908 - Shop moved to 920 Pine Street
    • 1917 - Shop moved to 1001 Pine Street (its final location)
      • The move was influenced by proximity to the "Piano Row" on Pine Street
      • Newspaper advertisements were looking for "secondhand musical instruments" and advertising repair services. 
    • 1940 - Anthony's son LeRoy wrote "manager" of a "retail music store" in his census
    • 1944 - Anthony J Placht dies aged 77

    L. Tony Placht 

    The son of Anthony, LeRoy took over the music shop after his father's death in 1944 and ran the store until 1959 when he put out an advertisement looking for work. 


    Its tragic as the guitar market was on the edge of another boom with the Beatles and he could've gotten another decade's worth of business. 


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    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, compression is still decent with heavy oil for vintage instruments

    Visual condition: no dents, no dings, lacquer finish: without lacquer, signs of dent job

    Finish: instrument without lacquer finish, raw brass

    Additional information: overviewed, cleaned, no case, no mouthpiece


    Ready to play!

    1 849,00 PLN

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