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S.E. Shires Model B

  • S.E. Shires Model B

    Serial 222


    W leadpipe

    X tuning slide


    The S.E. Shires Model B trumpet features a broad bell flare taper that produces an open, warm, round tone—coupled with agile, smooth articulation. The W leadpipe provides and ideal combination of stability and flexibility; its relatively fast taper adds brilliance to the characteristic warmth of the B bell taper. Brass balusters and valve caps contribute to the character to the sound, increase its core, and facilitate cleanness and immediacy of attack. Commercial, jazz, and classical players alike love the breadth and malleability of the Model B’s sound.


    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: without dings, without dents, a few scratches on the silver plating, third slide crook has a minimal trace after removing dents.

    Finish: original silver finish about 99.5% complete

    Additional information: overviewed, no case, no mouthpiece

    11 350,00 PLN

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