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V.Bach Stradivarius 65GMLV TEUTONIC SOUND !

  • Vincent Bach Stradivarius 65GMLV TEUTONIC SOUND !

    serial# 516814



    • Medium Large Vindabona model (Step Bore)
    • 65 Goldbrass Bell
    • 25 standard leadpipe 


    Almost new, never repaired, beauty!

    An amazing configuration for a Bach Stradivarius. Similar to what WYNTON MARSALIS use to used! GOLDBRASS #65 Bell (dark warm big sound, teutonic), Medium Large VINDABONA Step Bore and #25 standard leadpipe. The VINDABONA was designed to create the sound of a rotary trumpet with the comfort and ease of Monel pistons. SPECIAL CUSTOM ORDER (regular Vindabona comes with #72 Yellowbrass bell and #43 leadpipe)



    Technical condition: valves and slides move freely, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dents or dings, extra small signs of use

    Finish: original lacquer finish - 99,9% remains 

    Extra informations: overviewed, original case included, no mouthpiece included

    11 900,00 PLN

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