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Holton MF ST302 Maynard Ferguson trumpet

  • Holton MF ST302 Maynard Ferguson

    Serial 837412


    Large Bore 0.468 "


    What Holton said in 1973

    "it’s Maynard Ferguson’s new MF Horn by Holton. His horn. In every way. Because he provided all the specifications. The result is a trumpet as individual as the man who plays it. Did we say“ play it? ” Maynard does more than play the MF horn. He drives it. He flies it !. Nobody we know has ever asked more from an instrument. And no instrument has ever given more back. In range. In flexibility. In projection. In responsiveness. In brilliance and intonation. Hear how well you really play. Try out an MF Horn at your Holton dealer now."


    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dents, a few small dings on the bell, lacquer finish: no lacquer (raw brass)

    Finish: instrument without lacquer - RAW BRASS

    Additional information: overviewed, ultrasonically cleaned, Besson case, mouthpiece



    6 590,00 PLN

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