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NUEVA Blessing BTR-1277S

  • NUEVA Blessing BTR-1277S

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    Some of the color and response of a professional horn at an affordable price.

    The BTR-1277 Blessing student trumpet has always been prized for its stable and sturdy construction. With new upgrades it is now an instrument that offers some of the color and response of a professional horn at a price students can afford. 

    E.K. Blessing has rededicated itself to the tradition, heritage, and artistry of trumpet making. It began with the redesign of the student instruments and most recently has introduced the first professional trumpet made by Blessing since the 1960s. The introduction of new combinations of bell shapes, tapers, leadpipes, tuning slide assemblies, valve and piston dimensions have resulted in instruments that consistently exceed players expectations. 


    • Bell style: 22
    • Bell pieces: 2-piece hand-hammered
    • Bore: 0.460
    • Pistons: Monel
    • Water keys: lever
    • Outer slide tubing: brass
    • Inside slide tubing: brass
    • Leadpipe wall: 0.022"
    • Tuning slide: 2233
    • Valve caps: internal
    • Braces: round
    • Reciever: brass
    • 3rd Sl Stop: pin stop
    • Finish: silver


    Condición técnica: pistones y válvulas se mueven libremente, muy buena compresión

    Condición visual: nuevo

    Acabado: plateado original completo 100%

    Información adicional: instrumento nuevo con boquilla estuche y otros accesorios.

    2 190,00 PLN

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