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Getzen Capri C-key Schilke mpc Protec case

  • Getzen CAPRI C-key

    Serial: R15856


    Capri Trumpets are built for the next generation of great players. With their ease of playability and standard professional quality features they truly are fun to play. For more than thirty years Capri Trumpets have proven to be both affordable and dependable and will continue to be there with young players, easing the transition from practice room to on stage performance.


    Technical condition: valves and slides move freely, very good compression

    Visual condition: light dings and scratches,discolorations of lacquerplating

    Finish: relaquered in the past, around 97% of plating remains

    Extra informations: fresh overview,protec case, schilke 12 mouthpiece.

    2 490,00 PLN

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