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1956 F. E. Olds & Son OPERA "Fanfare"

  • 1956 F. E. Olds & Son OPERA "Fanfare"

    serial # 236532



    Each valve  has a serial number stamped on it

    Large Bore


    The "Opera" model was the only Large Bore trumpet Olds ever made, having two different models made: the "Premiere" (all nickel plated) and "Fanfare" (primarily a brass trumpet with nickel plated outside). The "Fanfare" model (O-112) was only available in the early years of productions.


    From Olds catalogue: "This large bore Opera model represents the ultimate in symphonic tone. Count fifty measures rest - come in FFF in a high C - and do it with the confidence born of a hundred such successful entrances under pressure. The instant response and powerful tone are products of Olds engineering and design skills producing a prestige trumpet for prestige players. Lighting fast valve action, extra large bore, nickel silver, first valve trigger tuning mechanism, mouthpipe taper for extra resistance"


    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dents, no dings, lacquer: many scratches, light sign of dent job at bell 

    Finish: original lacquer finish about 75% remains

    Additional information: instrument has been overviewed, Olds `DELUXE` case, Olds 3 mouthpiece, Olds lyre, OLDS valve oil (~ 1/3)

    6 700,00 PLN

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