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Beautiful Schilke S32 HD

  • Schilke S32 HD

    Serial 56025


    The Schilke S32HD Custom Series Bb Trumpet offers the professional level player an instrument designed with more power and projection. The S32HD Series features a .460-inch bore combined with a medium-large taper heavy-gauge one-piece seamed yellow brass bell. This series also features a heavier mouthpiece receiver and leadpipe. The additional mass offers a very thick, powerful sound that is focused with wonderful projection. The Schilke HD Series offers the pro-level player that prefers a Bach or Yamaha a high-performance instrument with a heavier design. The additional mass focuses the sound and allows this instrument to project without the sound breaking-up. The HD Series is a great choice for the player needing a instrument with a solid core sound.


    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dings, no dents, light scratches on the silver plating

    Finish: original silver plating approximately 99.9% complete

    Additional information: overviewed, no case, no mouthpiece

    9 400,00 PLN

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