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1953 Model C.G.Conn 22B VIctor

  • 1953 Model C.GConn 22B VIctor

    serial #424132

    rarely found version with nickel slides

    Pro horn


    It is functionally identical to the 22B New York Symphony "Late Model". The difference is in the valve caps, finger buttons and (most obviously) the slide ends. The slide ends are nickel. For all intents and purposes, the 1953/1954 22B Victor turned out to be a transitional model. The 1955 model 22B Victor had lacquered nickel trim in different areas which moved around a bit until the final version in 1958. Don't confuse the venerable 22B New York Symphony/Victor with the recent 22B Director. Entirely different class of instrument.


    Technical condition: valves and slides move freely, very good compression

    Visual condition: one small ding, no dents, defects scratches and discoloration of the lacquer finish, signs of straightening on the bell, patch on mouthpiece 

    Finish: lacquer finish (non-original) approximately 50% remains

    Additional information: instrument overviewed, without case, no mouthpiece

    1 990,00 PLN

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