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PRESALE: Bach, Kanstul, Harrelson, Conn, Schilke ...



    Top row, from the left

    -Schilke B5L 70`s , new valves from Schilke -2018 November

    -Kansutl 1600 Wayne Bergeron

    -Conn 38B Connstellation ( almost new)

    -Olds Recording ( SOLD !)

    -Harrelson Bravura

    -Blessing Super Artist , beauty (SOLD !)


    Bottom row, from the left

    -Getzen 3003 Genesis ` Rick Braun`

    -Conn 6B Victor

    -Getzen Eterna Severinsen `customized`

    -B&S Challenger II 3137/2 Phill Cobb

    -Kanstul Mariacchi ( copy of Conn Connstellation 38B) 

    -Bach Stradivarius VINDABONA 65G MLV special custom order

    -Bach STD 1

    -Yamaha 800GS ( SOLD !)

    -Selmer TT brushed lacquer, NEW OLD STOCK ( SOLD !)
    -Selmer Sigma great shape ( SOLD ! )


    If you are interetsed of any trumpet, call us or just write. We will provide all detail ASAP.


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