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Custom H. Glassl Bb rotary trumpet Warburton mouthpiece

  • Custom H. Glassl Bb rotary trumpet


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    Heribert Glassl started out by opening a tiny instrument repair shop. He opened it in Russelsheim, Germany  just after WWII in 1948. He started out repairing instruments but also like Rudy and Vincent Bach he began making instruments for walk in customers who wanted a custom horn made to their particular taste. I'm sure as with Calicchio and other boutique instrument makers his draw was that his customers wanted a well made, but also an absolutely unique horn. 

    Glassl never got very big or famous except for with his small circle of clientele. His only claim to fame was, unlikely as it may seem, he made the first fiberglass tuba in Europe. At least that's what he always claimed. Toward the end of his life he turned his shop over to his son, who carried on his father's tradition of making unique horns one at a time. Unfortunately, his son died suddenly in 2002 so Heribert had to again take over the shop. Three years later, at 75, with no one to take over the shop he closed his doors permanently. His machines and one of his employees went to the Netherlands to the famous Adams Music Company in Thorn where his employee now works and they now use his equipment to make their flugelhorns and euphoniums. Heribert Glassl was an honest man who spent his life making well-made horns.


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    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dents, no dings, lacquer finsih: instrument without lacquer, no corrosion, one patch on the bell

    Finish: instrument without lacquer finish, polished raw brass

    Additional information: professionally cleaned, overviewed, original case, Warburton 3 mouthpiece (deep)


    Ready to play!

    3 380,00 PLN

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