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1976 Vincent Bach MERCEDES trumpet

  • 1976 Vincent Bach MERCEDES 

    serial 113523


    70's model, many of which are borrowed directly from the Stradivarius model:

    - mouthpiece leadpipe # 25

    - two-piece lightweight valve section




    Mercedes instruments were created to make Vincent Bach’s acoustic designs available at prices within a students limited means.We do this without making any compromises in their musical quality: intonation, resistance and timbre meet the high standards that are a Bach tradition. Instead, we make them available at moderate prices by using machines instead of handwork on some of their construction details, or by using materials, components, and assembly methods more conventional than in costlier Bach Stradivarius models.There are a number of other minor structural differences; these are tabulated for direct comparison below. Together they account for the differences in price. But do they also account for a difference in performance? Well, Bach Stradivarius brasses are unique; that is why they are virtually standard equipment among professional artists. Any student that has progressed to the point where we can hear, feel, and take advantage of their unique qualities will be happy to pay the premium price for a Strad. On the other hand, Mercedes models give their owners all but the ultimate refinements of the finest brass instruments ever made, at significantly lower prices.


    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dents, no dings, lacquer finish: about 90% remains, scratches, discoloration and loss of lacquer

    Finish: lacquered instrument, non original finish (the instrument has been restored in the past)

    Additional information: overviewed, cleaned, case with bach stradivarius + cover, mouthpiece Vincent Bach Corp.7c, mute


    2 990,00 PLN

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