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Besson BE927 Sovereign Bb Cornet, London UK

  • Besson BE927 Sovereign Bb Cornet

    serial # 783186

    Medium bore


    Original case

    Yamaha 16e mouthpiece


    With its medium size bore and smaller bell size the 927 Cornet is less penetrating and dark. It possesses a sound that blends easily with a woodwind section, making it well suited for the concert band where that type of sound is required. The dark sound combined with excellent response makes this cornet the choice for concert band and brass band settings.


    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dents, no dings, silver finish: minimal scratches, sign of a solder job at front brace

    Finish: original silver finish, remains: around 99%

    Additional information: instrument has been overviewed, original case, Yamaha 16e mouthpiece

    6 450,00 PLN

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