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C.G. Conn Connstellation 28a long cornet

  • C.G. Conn Connstellation 28a long cornet

    serial C18096 (1963) 


    Elkhart Ind example


    • What Conn said in 1959:

    "New Dimension in Tone" increases the playing power of this full sound cornet. Even tuning is the result of these exclusive features: Electro-D seamless bell, Micro-finish tone chamber, Cali-Bore, Crysteel valves. First valve trigger offers top flexibility. Includes new protective Lustre-Conn finish over polished nickel plate with brass trim. Length 21 3/8", bell size 5 1/8".

    • What Conn said in 1966:

    Long model version of 38A. Many professionals use for both cornet and trumpet work, by using different moutpiece cups. Electro-D bell and mouthpipe. First valve trigger. Micro-finish mouthpipe. Third valve slide throw ring. Lenth 21 3/8". Bell 5 1/8".

    • What the 1960's Conn Product Manual said:

    The unique 28A, designed to look like a trumpet, is accepted by professionals as the best long model cornet on the market. Every detail of construction reflects an elegance of craftsmanship which has made this model the leader in its field. This cornet has a tonal "edge" which adds a beauty of brilliance for solo or ensemble playing. The 28A will serve a dual purpose, for many professionals use it as a trumpet or a cornet. By using a shallower and narrower cornet mouthpiece, this cornet could be made to sound like a trumpet. On the other hand, by using a deeper cup and a wider rim mouthpiece, the 28A would have a true cornet sound. This unusual versatility is aptly demonstrated by the serious student who uses this model in concert band as a cornet and also for stage band or dance band work as a trumpet!
    Features include: adjustment and silencing systems on stop rods, stop rod on 1st and 3rd valve slides, nickel plated valve casing, under-cut slides, mouthpipe clean-out, protected valve springs, microfinish mouthpipe, one-piece mouthpipe-mouthpiece receiver, third valve slide throw ring, top valve springs, "Electro-D" bell, "Electro-D" mouthpipe, first valve trigger. Length 21 3/8", bell 5 1/8".


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    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dents, no dings, lacquer finish: about 50% remains, loss of lacquer, scratches, discolorations on the finish, tuning slide was resoldered

    Finish: lacquered instrument, factory lacquer finish, factory nickel finish

    Additional information: professionally cleaned, overviewed, Conn 4 mouthpiece, no case

    5 900,00 PLN

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