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SOLD ! Beautiful French Besson Brevete PRE WAR Cornet

  • French Besson Brevete

    serial 56254


    Original silver finish

    Matching serial numbers (valves / leadpipes)

    Original case, mouthpiece (# 5), lyre, two leadpipes

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    The Besson instruments of the early 20th century were the first truly modern trumpets and flugelhorns. The innovations in leadpipe design, bell shape, and wrap resulted in a far superior instrument to the instruments of the day. Bach trumpets were inspired (or copied) from early Besson trumpets, and most modern trumpets closely follow the same pattern. The Besson Brevete was a very popular choice for generations of Jazz trumpeters, and was played at various times by artists like Miles Davis, Rafael Mendez (the Olds Mendez was basically a copy of his old Brevete), Lee Morgan, and Fats Navarro.


    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, the instrument sounds well, but there is little audible 'pop' on the valves - valves are original

    Visual condition: no dents, a few dings, silver plating approximately 70% remains, signs of repairs, patches

    Finish: silver plated instrument, factory silver finish

    Additional information: overviewed, original case (one lock does not work), mouthpiece # 5, lyre, two leadpipes


    Ready to play!

    5 250,00 PLN

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