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H.N. White King Master Silversonic STERLING BELL

  • H.N. White King Master Silversonic

    serial 306382


    Inside flare plated with pure gold 

    Solid Sterling Silver Bell


    "Without a doubt what makes HN White instruments unique is their use of Sterling Silver Bells. Some time between 1925 and 1928, The HN White Company introduced the" Silver Tone "Sterling Bells option to Liberty Trumpets, Master Cornets, Clarinets, and the entire Trombone line of instruments. As stated in the 1928 complete catalog, "Sterling Silver Bell produces better tone, being clearer, richer, and more resonant, with a more pleasing quality."


    Technical condition: valves and slides move smoothly and lightly, very good compression

    Visual condition: no dents, no dings, lacquer finish: about 10% remains, discoloration, scratches and loss in the lacquer finish, no corrosion

    Finish: lacquered instrument, original lacquer finish

    Additional information: professionally cleaned, no case, Bach Corp.7c mouthpiece


    Ready to play!

    5 500,00 PLN

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